childish Admin lol

So I just have to post this because …well I figure this is a great example of terrible Admin.

So I took a couple months off from Rust. I owned my own server for three months before taking a break so I know how the servers work.

Well I wanted to just gather and build. No real PVP but willing to do it when needed. Maybe a little raiding or what not but mainly wanted a very low pop server that I could just build a big base on and have fun without constantly running into other players.

So I pick this server…
[US WEST] Fresh 5/31 Pre’s Vanilla/Friendly/NoDura/NoHack/Active

…and start doing my thing. I’ve been playing on this server for 3 days now. At most there are up to 3 other players on but most of the time it’s just me or me and one other guy. So I’ve been gathering like a mofo due to pretty much no competition and working on my base. Over by small rad I’ve noticed a base that I pretty much steered clear of but last night I noticed it was degrading. Well tonight I stopped by and the entire 2nd floor was degraded to the point that it had no doorways, no ceilings and missing some walls. I figure this person is no longer playing and I might get lucky and come up on some shit.

So I build a set of stairs and sure enough I have a clear shot right to the room where I see a guy sleeping and 3 chests. I proceed to make three trips clearing this place out and then kill the guy and take what he has on him. I mean the whole top half of his base is nearly gone so I figure this guy isn’t playing here any longer. I may as well come up because if I don’t someone else will.

So I do the deed and head back to my base. Here I am working on building walls and shit, cooking some chicken, have the furnace going…you know typical Rust shit. When all of a sudden I see in the text: “WHO IS ON? ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW OR FACE IMMEDIATE BAN!”

So I type: “yo”

The guy then says “Hi” and proceeds t drill me with questions, “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING?” I told him a couple of days. He then asks, “WHO ELSE HAS BEEN ON THIS SERVER? WHEN WERE THEY ON? HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE ON?” I tell him that “one guy was on a bit ago but that he’s non talker”

Next thing I know this guy teleports into my vault and tells me not to worry he’s admin, that something screwy is going on with the server and he might have to reset it. He asks if I will continue to play if he resets? I say: “I might have to move on then.” Him and his buddies start calling me all sorts of names, saying I’m not loyal (LOL been on their server for two and a half days) to F off, and all sorts of other shit. They then kick me off server. He does a reset and the server is back up in seconds; wiped. (I should add that why would he teleport to me when he could have just spoke through chat?) <- Strange that.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I find it funny that 30 minutes after I raid a base that they come on, get crazy about whose been playing and then reset the server. It looks to me like that guy I raided was actually friends with the admin and they got all butt hurt that someone raided his base. They never asked me if I raided but he was in my base and might have looked in my chests. I dunno. The server has been running great the entire time I’ve been playing and it had a recent reset back on the 31st of May.

Now being a past server owner I know that if the server has issues, reboot is usually all that’s needed. Also if a reinstall is required then a backup of players and world saves everyone’s inventory and world objects. In the extreme this is all that would have needed to be done. So knowing that I now feel pretty damn confident that they just got butt hurt and wiped so the raider would lose everything. I also now know why their server doesn’t have anyone playing on it. Hell as admin they could have just replaced all their shit.

Anyways, not looking for love or hate…just felt like typing this all out. Carry on people! And I will be starting fresh on what I hope is a much better ran server.

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lol it is dumb MatheusMCardoso. I agree 100% which is pretty much why I posted it. I’ve played on many servers and this is a prime example of dumb.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Come play on mine it’s very quiet lately and admins don’t abuse or mistreat players like that, we’re totally chill :slight_smile: Search my posts!