Children models?


So, there has to be more than just the Child workers, right? Are there any other models of children in Gmod yet?

Nope, there was discussion about it something like a year ago. But there were too many dimwits whining about it so at some point it stopped completely.

I think the main whining point was like it always is with certain dimwits: “We can’t have -an object- in -public use- because some retard might do something improper with it!”

Hilariously, Someone ported a girl in winter clothing from some game i can’t recall, And the first pose he made was a(nudity-free) sexpose.

Well thats… disappointing.

There’s some, albeit horribly rigged, in the silenthill packs.

Decent child and teenager models are bloody hard to come across, to boot.

School girl

1337 asian kid

Scary little girl

As soon as I saw “Alma Wade FEAR2” I instantly downloaded it. Thanks, lonefire.

no one could resize the hl2 models even? jeez.

If you resize it, all you’ll see is miget citizens, and we don’t want to see that.