Children of God


For the love of god, start some music before reading this comic

In case the first music doesn't do its work, do not insult comic maker, proceed in listening to those, then insult comic maker regardless


Facts about this comic:
[li]- Everything is ingame, no photoshop but for the layout and text, not even a filter
[/li][li]- I might actually finish this one (:v:)
[/li][li]- The greenish filter won’t stay during all the comic
[/li][li]- Corridor of Ashes is definitly put on hold 'til I get more motivation and better scenario’s ideas.

No I did not miss the comic section, I was there :
I just don’t like my efforts to be ignored in the middle of troll comics, interactive shit and overall badly posed stuff (no offense to people actually doing good stuff over there)

Episode 6’s ending was kinda depressing. :saddowns:

Poor guy.

Lookin good

It’s nice.


woah the music + chapter 6 = insta fucking depressing

what model are those US Army soldiers? look like AA3 and if they arent and they are released can I get a link?

awesome series

They’re AA3 hacks, their name is 10th mountain division and were released by a korean, now if you excuse me, you’ll have to look for them by yourself while I try to sleep at 04:08AM. :v:

I feel a bit bad for not ever commenting when you started this. Damn good.

I’m really impressed by the fact that the comix is totally “gmodmade”

i tried to see the whole comic but parts of it dint show up, sometihng about an error

Weenurs, your Dropbox seems to be broke.

You hate bloom rape, don’t you.

Yes, especially when it’s highlighting the sides of a characters and that not really highlighted zones are not bloom raped aswell. Also when it’s well done, not some messy ugly shit like some guys I can’t recall the name.

That ACR model in the 6th episode is the shit.

For those wondering where to get it :

Could you give us the presets for color mod?
Put in your Garrysmod folder, those raw files are colorcorrection preset, ignore if you don’t know how to load them or gather some infos on the net. :v:

Love this comic