"Children of Men" Man walks down street with two women


Second scenebuild ever. It was built entirely on gm_flatgrass.
Inspired by the movie Children of Men (If you haven’t see it, I strongly recommend you do.)


Original if anyone feel like editing:

Give me artistic’s if you like it!

They arent creating shadows :confused:
Would be an awesome picture if they did but it just looks a lil bit strange that way.

I miss the dog.

Pretty cool looking. I really like the fog and the rain. My only issue is that they don’t have shadows underneath them…

I didn’t have a dog model :frowning:


Updated OP with some shadows :v:

I love that film.
Good work Zerax, a good scene build.

Bloody Great. But too colorfull imo.

Is there going to be a threesome?

Nah kidding. Nice work there Zeraxify. Custom shadows and all. I grant thee wood.


Is there going to be a threesome?

Nah kidding. Nice work there JurajIsNotPirat. Custom shadows and all. I grant thee wood.

I gonna shut up now.

The girl on the left is making a really distracting face, but it’s pretty good overall.

Nice, I like that fog and the angle altho I think it should be cropped a little bit on the bottom to avoid showing much street but that would leave the CoM logo too high.

Nice work Zeraxify :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.


Updated OP with a bit of tweaking. I took Juraj’s advice.

Very cool now. Have an arty.


The burning/dodging looks inappropriate in some places, and the corpse is awkward.

Wheres the bit with the tank

Nice, yet the one girl(I can’t remember her name or how to spell it) was black. That was a good movie.

I know she was black, I simply was inspired by the movie to do this picture, didn’t mean to exactly recreate the whole scene.

Also, expect more of these Children of Men pictures in the future :buddy:

Nice. I don’t wanna see dog euthanasia, though. I can stand human, but no dog.

Pretty cool but the left girls faceposing is pretty weird.

It would have been better if the man was wearing a suit instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pimp suit? :v: