I know there are the beta kids, but are there any more Children? I like making little comics, and it would be pretty cool. Like, any in regular clothes or any even in the HL2 clothes but with different heads or whatever would be cool. In fact, any would be cool. So if you know of, or are willing to make, any children models or skins, I would greatly appreciate it.

Another suggestion would be making a model of kids in flat clothes, rather than the baggy ones the betas would wear. I would reskin them to a whole bunch of different types and stuff if you would. If you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated.


Seconded :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldent mind some actualy, now that I think, all my pictures have no children or even teens, it’s an world of adults…

Some players may be offended by the inclusion of children in an FPS.

Well, they aren’t really npc’s or anything, and it’s up to the player to shoot them, if he is a sick fuck anyways. And hopefully thney’ll be used for good purposes only.

What if I promise not to shoot them, but instead to just give them candy and teddies and such? Itd be interesting to have them. We could make it like Fallout3 where they are IMMORTAL.

Don’t bother man someone always brings up the “someone will be offended” stuff and nothing ever gets done.

Some players shouldn’t be allowed to play games.

Kids go on Gmod anyway and you can’t stop them. If anyone has a problem with it then just don’t put the ragdolls on your server. These same people can request that 8 year olds do not use their microphones as a server rule (If they really care that much).

I support this. I’m sick of using the “child_worker” ragdolls with the hollowed out neck bases and no facial expressions.

Of course it’s going to come back to “Oh dear, children in a first-person shooter.” It’s Garry’s Mod, they’re only ragdolls, not actual people. If you don’t want to shoot the children, don’t shoot the damned children. It’s the Mass Effect argument all over again. If you don’t want sex in your game, don’t friggin’ have sex.

At the very least, maybe we could start by improving the beta kids.

I mean, jeeze guys, if your offended, dont be! I cant make a “Storytime With Uncle Combine” thing if I cant pose the buggy beta kids well enough to do it, and in fact, its quite hard to make them look sad or happy about it with no expressions.

Imagine the inevitable sex poses.

True, but imagine the awesome poses that WONT be considered illegal!

Also, I mean, its a sex pose. Sex pose == Ban. Its easy! Ohey- What is this? Childr- Wait…click B@! Hooray for everyone!

There’s this kid who apparently was in Army of Two: 40th Day

And then there’s Alma from F.E.A.R. although since she looks possessed and has blood on her feet she might not be what you’re looking for.

And then there’s a little girl that comes with some big ass Silent Hill pack that’s somewhere on this site. But yeah, that’s pretty much all of them.

Thanks for the input, however…They dont really look…Er…Normal?

You can do illegal and putrid things without games too, doesn’t mean it’s okay any way.

But warding like that is just as much wrong as not having any restrictions. “Oh we can’t do this because then someone might do something fucking stupid.”

“You’re right, we can’t sell pens and papers because some people might draw some putrid and sick shit.”

Oh, we cant sell guns! One guy might shoot someone! Wait…Zombies? So? We can go without. WHAT ABOUT THE ONE GUY? Meh. I feel you here.

And yes, illegal, putrid things w/o games.

At the very least, can we get the beta kids some face flexes?

Might I also add…They’re NOT NUDE KIDS.