"Child's Play" - Thane makes killing Eclipse Mercenaries look too easy.


Kudos to Haxxar for dat smexy model. :buddy:

Damn artistic.

Fucking awsome

Gotta love them muzzleflashes


Certainly. Original image in the OP.

looks awesome, I think the muzzleflash and the sparks need to be a bit sharper though

Jesus Christ in a biscuit.
That’s fucking awesome.

OMG this is probably the best screenshot ever!!!

A++ looks really good! loving the color! loving the posing! loving the editing! love all of it!!!

oh lord

69105 is drunk again.

Even the original has better light than most edited poses here.
Art and praises to you Ubi.

Damn your posing and lighting is sexy. Always love your stuff.

Great effects and lighting as usual.

Fucking sweet picture, great editing and posing.

also are those yellow soldier guys released?

They are. They’re not soldiers, they’re mercenaries though.

Everything’s top notch. Urbanator, if I could make a suggestion for your next project, if could use those DOW2 models and edit a picture of them, then it’d be kick-fucking ass.

That just might happen. We’ll see. For now, I’ll stick with the stuff I know best.

Thanks for the great feedback so far boys and gals!

Almost looks like a painting Nice work sire.

Hail to the king

What map did you use?