Didn’t really want to make it look so… ambiguously. Сlapped my eyes on it too late.

Version without the text:

Comments are appreciated as always!


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Her head is semi-floating.

Holy saint monkey crap. That’s what happens when you release pictures after sleepless night.

Oh my god her neck is broken, get help!

Well she did say she was going to heal up.

Very nice but the neck kinda ruins it.

The neck is bleh but otherwise that’s creative.

Bill is creepin’ hard right now.

He has seen wars you know.

I can’t stop looking at how wrong the neck is…I’m sorry.

I wonder how you edit half-clothing.

The whole neck/shoulder area is just… Awful! How’d you even acomplish that?

Shame about the neck really.

The hair is pretty meh as well. Looks more like she tried to gel it up like that, instead of it being messy.

Thanks for comments dudes! I didn’t have enough sleep and didn’t notice it somehow. Probably will fix it soon and reupload.
Thanks again!

Three different screenshots with almost the same camera position and few hours in Photoshop.

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The picture has been reuploaded.
Sorry once again.

I didn’t see the messed up picture, so I can judge the final picture accurately.

It’s great, I love it. Very nice job!

That is one small ass rockstar.