Chilled Roleplay


Created by Kill CoDer. Made for Juiced Servers
Note: Server is not up yet.

This is just to show you what the server will be like and what you think of it from the images
Sorry that we don’t have any images of the main menu with the Jobs/Weapons/Items

Chilled Roleplay has many features such as:
[ul][li]Bank System[/li][li]Fully working inventory [/li][li]Interaction with NPCs[/li][li]Large amount items you are able to buy[/li][li]Medical- How well you can heal yourself/others with medical items.[/li][li]New Police System[/li][li]Full list of weapons. [At high prices][/li][/ul]
One of the main things added is that all guns are at VERY high prices

Below I will be showing you screen shots of the script and well as its features

Help Menu
Chilled Roleplay’s help menu has everything you would need to know about the script and how to roleplay.
It tells you everything from what each class does to what items do.

Help Menu - Enforcer Gun
This is a screen shot from the help menu talking about the enforcer pistol. The Enforcer Pistol is the main weapon of the Enforcer[Police]. The second picture is it in action.

Grow Drugs
This is some pictures of a weed plant which you grow and later on sell to a NPC for money.
To grow a plant you need to have a good supply of water which you buy from the chef.
The plant needs alot of care or it will die, so you can’t just leave it can some back. Its the same with all most things [eg. Money Printers and Computers]

Selling Weed
To sell weed is easy. All you have to do is find and interact with the NPC.

Buying Food as Chef
Like most things in this script, you buy a machine[Or Whatever] and then buy the items from there.
Here we have a screen shot of the Chef’s food create and the menu.

Here is a image of the inventory.

I should have more images and a list of features and items soon

Although I don’t agree with some of the features in the script, it’s looking very stylish.

Keep up the good work, but get rid of some of the ‘weed selling’ and crap like that. That sorta stuff shouldn’t be in the script, it should be down to individual roleplay. You only really need NPC’s for gunsellers. Nothing else.


Also, get rid of the ‘attributes’ section. It just encourages grinding and doesn’t in any way enhance the roleplay.

Apart from the weed, what other features don’t you agree with? Just asking because we do want to make the script better.

And what do you mean about NPC for Gunsellers?

Thats already going to be gone.

Gundealers should be NPC’s. Basically it means it’s impossible to abuse it.


Also what type of Roleplay is this going to be? It looks like a sort of Hl2RP and RLRP hybrid to me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more RLRP
I’m going to be working on a HL2RP based on some of these script soon.


Nice, didn’t feel it was a DarkRP base at first.
This gamemode has potential.

It looks pretty good for a TS2 edit.

I think the original was DarkRP based but then CoDer dumped that and started from nothing.

Not a TS2 Edit.

Please explain why the help menu looks exactly like tacoscript 2, and why the 3rd picture with the “---- Fireing Stun Blast ----” stuff looks exactly like the tacoscript 2’s overwatch HUD too?

It /is/ a TacoScript 2 Edit. Don’t try to lie. It is a good script either way.

I seems you two are right. Sorry I have never played Tacoscript, so i didn’t know

Don’t give people shit about lying about stealing code you little hypocrite.

Anyway, when this is finally up I think I might check it out, haven’t played RLRP in ages. Even if it is a TS2 edit it looks good, I love the NPC interaction, lookin’ good.

I’ve have never lied about stealing code, no need to flame… But anyway, it does look really nice, Good job!

Just so your on the right track. I didn’t make this and I didnt know.

It’s ok, I wasn’t accusing you nor calling you a hypocrite, I was directing my first sentence to schu. Just to clear things up.

Don’t call me ‘schu’ Call me Schumacher, You are not my friend and i will not allow you to call me schu, if you do, i will ignore you in every way possible.

Schumacher and Le Pidgey seriously stop shitting up threads, get each other STEAM friends and chat on that, just stop fucking up this forum.

That NPC menu is the exact menu used in PERP. Again, don’t lie to us.


And the little corner help menu is from DarkRP


And the bottom corner HUD is from DarkRP

Ive played alot of gamemodes, and it looks like almost everything was ripped from alot of them, and edited.

Gangsters Agenda
Talking To Npcs
Icon over NPCs
Buying Menu

And other things, all look exactly like other gamemodes that have them, with 5 lines edited.