Chillin' out on the stairs

This is really good.


If it weren’t for the hands, the blockiness of the background in a spot or two, and some of the uniform textures, I would’ve sworn this wasn’t Gmod. Have wood.

ugh that magazine looks really ugly



Very nice

Nicely edited!

Thanks for all the nice comments

It would be perfect if he wasn’t holding his weapon up like that.

Yeah he doesn’t look very relaxed

Simple, but quite nice.


This looks really good.


Quite cool, but the SDoF makes no sence, it would be better without it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the SDoF :frowning:

Shouldn’t be sitting down in the middle of a war zone
and yeah what the hell that magazine does not belong.

people ain’t allowed to sit down once on their entire tour of duty?