Chillin with Kushho: Looking for some people to rust with!

Wdup Rusters!

Just got into Alpha yesterday thanks to Craptasket! I started playing for a couple hours and felt like I needed a Crew to run with! Shoot me a message on Twitch my stream link is or just come on in and say your in alpha and well try to link up in the world! Lets start Rusting away!!!


you know im down as soon as i can obtain a key

Fa sho Starscreamg1x i miss you and your streams bro! get back on it!

Ah hell naw. This was my chance to play with you, and I don’t have a key :frowning:
Good luck finding “somebuddy” to play with Kushho.

Hello Kush. If I manage to get a key somehow, I’ll gladly join your crew. :3

Kushhoooooo! <3

I want a key so bad… I would pay upwards to 200$ for a single key, but no one has took me up on my offer D:

Once I get a key (if I get a key) I’ll play with ya kush if you still need another.

i will once i get a key

Awesome guys! thanks for all the reply’s on this post! remember when yall do get keys shoot me a message and well play! anyone got an extra Cube World Account I can buy!? The Shop is down!!

for all you people saying once i get a key, easier said than done. Garry is not giving them out, so you cannot get one, unless something changed in the last few days.

Kushho - Jump in the Rust TS. Thats a good place to meet up and my god it provides a way of communicating than global chat and crouching LOL!


You know I’ll join you Kushho! Working on getting a key as we speak

Do you know the old UnityViet group from the old WarZ? Cause that group rocked. No idea if I fought against you but the old times where the good times :smiley:

Good to see a good guy like you here!

Just enjoy your game solo right now, you’re lucky to even have a key. orphodox are more than welcome for newcomers

Once i get a key ill look at your twitch in the meanwhile if i don’t get a key ill wait till its available for purchase

I’d love to join
I’ll join as soon I get a key
If you could get me one I would be sooooo happy

No one believes you, and if you were telling the truth $200 is ridiculous.