'Chillout In The Saferoom' - The gang relax for a moment



Edit looks cool.
The compare screenshots site is nice.

Fuck the light is so good. What tools do you edit with?

Nice. Wonderful use of in-game lighting. Some of the shading is a bit random but the work on the items and table really help the realism of the picture.

Definitely deserving of a thread, not the “don’t want to make a thread” thread.

Looking at the comparison I’d say it’s almost entirely in-game lighting touched up with some dodge and burn.

People underestimate a couple of slightly coloured lamps and some lights.

A lot of it is using lamps and lights ingame, then increasing them in PS. Rendering lighting filter effects in PS also help out.

I agree completely, and yes your right. The majority of it is ingame. People should never underestimate ingame lamps and lights. They can make the job a whole lot easier once posed.


True. As the general rule goes. Edit is nice but not compulsory.

It’s great… so long as the models are great. That T-Rex I used in my JP pose, soldiers from Neo Tokyo, L4D models, they all catch the in-game lighting superbly. A lot of stuff doesn’t work well at all though which is a shame, especially citizen models.

Oh gawd, citizen models are one of the worst. And it sucks cause I’d like to use them everywhere with atmospheric lighting and what have ya.

I use the citizens mostly for joke poses. There are some tolerable re skins out there. Of one must use them.
What will haunt me to the day I die is their fingers.

One of the reasons why I hate almost any model ported by S-Low - so god damn high res and awesome, yet 3 fingers celotaped together. >XU

Nice picture, and comparison. But its better if you use filesmelt, that way we don’t have to wait 5 damn hours for the pictures to load.

I wouldn’t mind the lack of full fingerposing so much if they were just rigged better. A lot of them are practically useless for anything more complicated than running poses.

louis is grabbin pills:P

Very nice lighting!

The poster was a nice touch.

Yeah, thanks! Did you notice my easter egg in the pic?

Thanks all!

The detail on the upper part looks half done compared to the lower part which is greatly shaded.

Posing is really cool, especially on Francis.

Holy shit, the gnome!

Well, thats because the lower part needed a lot more work. The stuff on the table had virtually no shading before the edit. But I know what you mean. :smile:

lighting and posing looks perfects
perfect picture is perfect :slight_smile: