Chimera Hunt models

Here’s the Chimera Hunt gamemode models :

Just done a zip file with the models, the gamemode isn’t made by me.

If you are interested by the gamemode :

Enjoy :wink:

Best gamemode ever right here. I swear

Haha, I like the chicken.

I hate the ultimate chimeras on brawl. Good job with the model and the gamemode, got my download :wink:

Thanks Stonie! But I think you guys should just download the mod to play it AND get the models. :3

Nice, but could these be turned into player models with their animations? I don’t care if they hold the weapons wrong. I saw somone do that with Zombie Panic zombies.

Did you even have permission for this?

Seriously, you are better off getting the models off the main page since they are already accessible via sanbox if you have the GM.

Did you ask fluxmage about this?

Why’d you even do this. We have an SVN now and I’m not done updating these. On top of that, if you just download the game you get the models and can spawn them In sandbox anyhow.

hi fluxy
and since when has SVN been up


You probably have been long enought here to know how the FP scum works.
And you shouldnt be worried, most people will download the Gamemode because its awesome.

I know. It’s no big deal. I just don’t understand the logic behind these guys.

They believe going through folders and copy pasta to another is “work” OR don’t notice you can spawn through browse. If he made them an addon with nice spawn icons and what not and permission, would have been better.