Chimera Hunt wallpapers (The Gamemode)

This gamemode is such fun. c:

For more info about the gamemode and the download link, click on this blue sentence!

Haha! A couple of people already suggested me to play this.
I might give it a try if I have time today.

Really nice screenies :slight_smile:

It’s fun, when you die as the highest rank you rage quit though… sadface.

Am I high?

Can somebody explain me what Chimera Hunt is please? Seems interesting.
The picture are cool especially the cell shaded look.

One team is Pigmasks teamed up against the Ultimate Chimera. Who’s single goal is to destroy all the pigs who get in it’s way. The Pigmask’s goal is to turn off the Chimera by getting behind him and pressing the big button on his back, that, and not getting chomped to bits.

More info :

The most fun part is, when you deactivate him you get promoted and your character promotes and your color/model changes, the last rank has an awesome cape and stuff. BUT when you die as a higher rank, you demote to the lowest rank. :c

Thank you Mosquito :smile:
Looks like massive fun!

It is ;D