Chimera Hunt

Welcome! This is a Garry’s Mod gamemode based off of the Chimera Lab section in Mother 3.

One team is Pigmasks teamed up against the Ultimate Chimera. Who’s single goal is to destroy all the pigs who get in it’s way. The Pigmask’s goal is to turn off the Chimera by getting behind him and pressing the big button on his back, that, and not getting chomped to bits. :wink:

All the gamemode coding was done by Aska (me), with the models by FluxMage. The Ultimate Chimera was ripped from Super Smash Bros. Brawl (animated by Flux), but the Pigmask was his own custom creation, it’s very pretty.

I consider this a beta, because I want to go back to it eventually and clean up the code.

Gameplay is round-based, every round one player is randomly chosen to be the Ultimate Chimera (unless they were the Ultimate Chimera last round). A round ends when all the Pigmasks are dead, or the Ultimate Chimera is turned off.

[ul][li] Pigmasks are fat, and aren’t very athletic. They have a short sprint meter that once you use it, it all goes at once. It gives you a nice burst of speed to run away, but then there is a cooldown before it will recharge.[/li][li] Their goal is to get behind the Ultimate Chimera and turn it off, this can be done through teamwork or pure luck. If you’re against a skilled Ultimate Chimera, it could be tough.[/li][li] They are very noisy, always grunting little pig noises (especially if running).[/li][li] They are absolutely terrified of the Ultimate Chimera[/ul][/li]
Ultimate Chimera:
[ul][li] The UC has a sprint bar that only degenerates if you hold down the sprint button, and has a regular recharge with no cooldown. However, he doesn’t move as fast as a pig when sprinting.[/li][li] The UC’s offense against these Pigmasks is his bite attack, one click of the mouse will chomp. Any pigs near your mouth at the time of biting, are sent flying (Brawl-style) and let out a loud squeal.[/li][li] The UC is also equipped with a mighty roar. Any nearby pigs will be forced into a thirdperson scared state for a number of seconds depending on how close they were to the UC. While scared, they can’t sprint (although they move faster than a normal walk) and they can’t turn off the UC. They’re pretty much helpless. This gives the UC a much needed defense to a bunch of Pigmasks bum-rushing him.[/li][li] The UC’s roar does come with a cooldown, however.[/ul][/li]






To Install
To install, download TortoiseSVN
Once youve installed TortoiseSVN, create a new folder in your garrysmod/gamemodes directory and call it chimerahunt
Right click on the new folder and click SVN Checkout
Enter for the repository URL and leave the rest of the options as is.
Hit ok and the gamemode should download to you.

That’s it, whenever there is an update just right click on the folder you created and hit “SVN Update”

You can find a list of compatible maps in the gamemodes/chimerahunt/content/data/chimera_spawns/ directory! Other maps will work, but the Chimera will spawn next to the Pigmasks, you don’t want that.

Chimera Model - Ripped and animated by FluxMage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Pigmask model - Modeled and animated from scratch by FluxMage
Sounds - Ripped from MOTHER 3 by Aska, and found on the MOTHER 3 translation website.
Sprites - Ripped from MOTHER 3 by
Gamemode Scripting - Aska

Known servers running this gamemode: - [07][JokerIce] Chimera Hunt [FastDL][UK] - Moep Gaming - Chimera Hunt #1 - Moep Gaming - Chimera Hunt #2


Notice to mappers!:
You need to place a chimera_spawn entity wherever you want the Ultimate Chimera to spawn.
I’ve included a looped radio version of the pigmarch that you can use in your maps (like where the pigs spawn). The file is sound/chimerahunt/pig_loop_radio.wav and is already set up for looping.
The Ultimate Chimera’s bite can break breakable props, fling physical props, and break func_breakables (this includes glass). The gamemode will reset the map to the way it is on load when a round starts.
Dr. Stalin has submitted a cool looking Pig Army poster texture for use in your maps!

You can edit a lot of the gamemode’s variables by opening and editing the top of gamemodes/chimerahunt/gamemode/shared.lua! I’ve commented what each variable does.

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My PigMask model is crashing people. I don’t know why though.

This is a must for Garry’s Mod, very nice.


Server Up (Issue Fixed)

This is simply awesome. I love it but I don’t have anyone to play with. D:

People trying to join my server i’d recommend you download the gamemode first because i don’t exactly give super fast download speeds.

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Server Crash, Restarting.

Its a gamemode, not addon.

Pretty Much This.


Pretty Much This.

I’ll sound quite stupid, but how to i connect to the server via IP?


in console


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