Chinese and Russian soldiers shooting at each other in a rainy forest.

They are trying to save the injured from a crashed jeep while the Russian soldiers are storming them.

Here’s the original.

Fantastic editing. I can’t see the Russians fighting the Chinese any time soon though.

Great editing.


russia vs china?
will we ever see pic of usa soldiers killing usa soldiers in second civil war?

Atleast that will be closer to show near future situation :biggrin:

still, editing is godfrogish.

very nice editing! I love this picture

I love it, reminds me of Tom Clancy’s the bear and the dragon.

Awesome editing.

Absolutely fantastic editing. Great Job.

Jesus, I love you.

Read The Bear and the Dragon, by Tom Clancy.

Seriously just read the title.

Wow, You took, Decent guns, Good soldiers, An ok Setting And awesome editing, And made one badass motherfucker!

Awesome editing. I like pool of blood on the lake.

That’s what I was gonna say. That’s a good read. Take note of that. May I see the original?

I could bring up Russia attacking it’s breakaway regions and fighting against their own equipment, but that would never happen.

Thanks everyone. =)

Ok, I’ll upload the original when I get home.

or read the bible it says something about the “bear and the dragon” clashing in the apocalypse

They both suck, (not the picture)

I uploaded the original for you. =)

Wow what map is that? I don’t recognise the grass effect at all.