Chinese commando in the capital wasteland.

I could not edit it because gimp crashed. I will edit it later. so at the moment you can only comment on the pose.

Chinese soldier? American flag?
Decent, but could have been better.

have you ever played fallout 3? it’s a Chinese commando walking in the ruins of a american building. the story of the game is that the chinese nuked america and invaded it.

They didn’t invade, they were already there. I thought it was his hideout :3

Could be better

Please clarify how this is a scene build.

i started with a wall this is the result

This isn’t a scene-build… it’s part of a Half-Life 2 level (and the same building layout is used in some multiplayer maps and roleplaying maps). The only thing you did was place a few props.

Quick Everyone! Come to Canada or “Annex” it if you will, but still! Run from the Chinese Peoples!

Agh! Clipping on the hands.

edited gimp finally worked!

Filter Rapage.

Awesome picture, but filter rape edit of it two posts above me.



Its fallout 3 if you don’t understand the picture don’t question it. This picture is a great capture of fallout 3 in my opinion except for the chair… it just throws the picture off for me I don’t know why.

I know, i was just joking, sheesh.

True dis. Plus the graphics are low,and there really isn’t much going on.

Yah this is not a scene build, the map is called DM_overwatch, or sumthin like that. U try to fool but you fail! :slight_smile:

This is a scenebuild:

most of the work was done for you since that level is the famous hl2 dm map known as dm_overwatch
and the posing is a bit off on the left hand

How much more did we fuck them up?