Chinese gun dealer and his customer being watched by local militia.

grey highlights~~

kewl but right dude looks homo

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the second from right

No idea why I’m the first one rating.

It looks great.

Grey highlights, but nice lighting, good posing, great composition. I really wish you’d been less heavy-handed with the pixellation, though.

more like his clone right

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i really wish valve did more than one asian male model and one asian female model lol

You did a nice job trying to make it look like Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

I agree I had the same idea but I never decided to do it

Chinese guy’s posing looks kinda awkward. The rest is fairly nice though.

ching chang chong

gotta get dat

Stop doing pixelation shit. It looks awful.

I actually think the pixelation is kind of neat.

how come the guy with the pistol looks the same as the guy at the counter

Ask Valve.

so thats why gabe hates korea

i suspect magic

I really want to know who’s behind the pixellation.

The guy behind the counter, he just reminds me of Johnny Depp in Secret Window…it’s the glasses and the beanie hat.

herro im jrohnny dapp