chinese/japanese models

since i can request models, i give it a try
or if anybody have seen nice models that look like that, pls post a link, i apreciate that
i could use some asian styled models for my ze map^^
things i really would like to have is stone or metal statues, samurai sword, bamboo plants big/small and maybe one of those trees whre with white leafs

thanks @ anybody who can help ^^

im trying to makz the best of it but its hard without the correct models and textures ofcource

Spell Correctly…
And there is some mods out there for japanese stuff.

A lot of the people who come here aren’t native speakers, and some of them hardly speak English at all, so they put what they can’t type in English through a translator and copy/pasta. :smiley:
Shouldn’t be hard to find a katana on, but I don’t believe I’ve seen any statues in Oriental styles… maybe try one of the Tomb Raider prop packs that was released a couple of months ago. Same for bamboo trees.