Chinese Soldier Reskin

I took rus_ivan’s russian soldiers, added some camo, gave him a new facemap, changed the symbol, recolored the rest, and came up with this.

Tell me what you think so far.

That is pretty nice. Can you turn on AA so we can see more details like the face? It’s hard to see what the face looks like.

So is this NPC for your next mega NPC pack?

Yep, he’s using CnC sounds this time.


He used to look like this monster here…

…but then I was like “ew”. So I reskineed the russian and gave him a diffrent helmet.

Superfrog ported the BF2 chinese soldiers a while ago. You could have used those since they look more current.

When I saw that monster as you called it,I LITERALLY LMAO’D!!

Ya, It looks awesome, I will definately be looking forward when you put this out :smiley: