Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Ok, Built this for karbine’s build the coolest vehicle comp, but I’ve always wanted to build him… it ??

I started this BEFORE karbine and others started making early 20th century racers so I wasn’t just doing what the judge was.

Full suspension with a eye bleeding top speed of 50 KPH (30 MPH), steering uses no fins and gives it a great turning circle.

Full brakes

As you would’ve guessed by now the suspension etc aren’t its best feature; Thats right Chitty flies!!. It uses a modified version of my jetpack code, but a lot smoother and with better roll calculation. Its not quite as nimble as my jetpack but is a real pleasure to fly smoothly in the clouds, forgetting the troubles below.

Note some of the pictures (and the vid) were taken before the windscreen was put it. Oh and before I change the ‘brass’ props from my fail attempt at material + colour to the Tf2 gold wrench material

One of my ‘messier’ contraptions but that shape was extremely difficult to make.

I know I can hear all of you who have seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the movie saying “But Grumpy, Chitty has wings in the movie” which is true but I tried putting them on and they looked awful (IMO) and in my defence, at the end of the movie chitty does fly without the wings.

Also I didn’t add the boat mode because it looked even worse than the wings.

so stick your thumb in your anus and bite your tongue.

Plenty o’ pics -


Control Panel, you can see Zero in the background working on his drone.

Very Early WIP




Kash with the golden material trying to be cool, ended up looking like a chocolate Easter Terrorist
Fail 3 person boat lol, was classic watching them trying to steer

Light Gambling Game I made for Rp (very basic) but fun and you can take quite a nice income with it.

Some cargo space ship I started but never got around to finishing.

Thanks to Lunar for helping me with the materials and Zero for doing a bit of drving/sitting.

Best part of the movie imo.

Waaay Better IMO

Awesome creation

hey grumpy hitler its you!! its my jimmy from the build server and albert jones from chuppathingy i was on that day when you took the pic :slight_smile:

Does it make that sound?..

reminds me somehwhat of Micheal Jackson lol

lol @ pedo with candy


well, FUCK

Nice contraption.

Oh no grump you’ve turned into an RPer, iv failed.
I remember that show, its still entertaining.

chitty chitty bang bang? epic. No really. EPIC. Werent there some steampunk fans on {him?} though?

Now just make herby the love bug :v:


I love seeing this FP persuasion towards classic/antique cars. I’ve always loved 'em.

I am planning on making a 1932 MG K3 Magnette. Does this look like yours? If so i wont build it. I dont want to be accused of copying.

IMO (because that totally counts) No, they are plenty different.

“Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, we hate you!”

I am addicted to your curves… The gold trim is sexy!

That video was like, really gay

But nice car dog