Choatic Morning

So… I It’s been awhile, I took a 2 monthish long break from steam/gmod just to refresh myself, but It does feel good to be back.
P.S. I’m a little rusty on editing.
Hope you like it!

Some minor cliping and a few flaws but as a whole it looks pretty nice. The hole in the tree is a nice touch but I would add them tiny wood pieces around as it pierces the tree.

Yeah, I was going to but I couldn’t find any images that would work properly.

I might give it a try later today.

'ere we go

it took me a moment to figure out that the tank’s front MG is firing, which explains the impact effects and the tracers. consider the timing CAREFULLY though: right now it somewhat looks like the left and right injured/dying soldiers were hit at the same time, despite the tank clearly firing to the right at this point in time. it would also look better if the “earlier” tracer was a bit closer to the camera, or if the one closer to the tank was eliminated completely. i’d also make the muzzle flash on the thing bigger.

is that orange speck on the tank’s sponson an impact from the trench MG’s fire? might as well not have it there, it’s only distracting, and it wouldn’t really be visible with the semi-realistic style you’re clearly going for anyway.

good effort on the sandbag impact, but it needs a slight bit of blue tint to blend in with the rest of the pic better.

bullet hole on tree looks somewhat out of place

artillery gun dude’s wrist is clipping through his sleeve. model rigger’s fault, but you can still fix it by painting over it

you blurred both the right side dude AND the blood spurt - they’re supposed to be moving in different directions, the blood bursting outwards and the soldier falling down! is it a stain that sticks to the guy or a separate cloud of particles coming out of him? decide!

also, a thing about the machine gun muzzle flash:

if you INSIST on using that piece of shit stock flash, why would you ever settle for this?

“pof pof pof, i am a peashooter from a low budget piece of shit video game”

it’s design is that of a huge fuckoff ball of flame. it’s got a lot more balls to it when you use it like THIS

-dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA-

the foreground blood spurt has some color overlaying done and that almost makes it fit in properly, but it has another problem which encompasses the whole picture, and it’s a major thing people very often fuck up:

if you use motion blur on one thing, you’ll use it on EVERYTHING or you DON’T fucking use it AT ALL.

you know how motion works? everything moves, or nothing does. that blood spurt is hanging in the air in zero gravity, completely still while the dudes next to it are in motion. you need to blur the shit out of that blood effect to fix this.

Thanks man, this’ll help a lot, most of the stuff I messed up on was due to the lack of practice. But when It comes to editing in muzzle flashes, bullets hitting the ground what’s a good way of getting them in? Because I have a tough time doing that.

the most important thing with any muzzle flash is that it looks and even FEELS powerful - you can make it a bit of firey gas at the end of a barrel surrounded by smoke or a Hollywood-style fireball, but it still needs to look like it came from a small cache of gunpowder exploding to propel lethal lead into an unfortunate target

the example i used here is very extreme - the visibility of a muzzle flash depends on the surrounding environment and the way i did it is unrealistic. in broad daylight they’re puffs of smoke with maybe a bit of hot gas appearing, and in the dark they literally light up the night. you can always disregard this rule for the sake of making things cooler, but beware of overkill.

muzzle flashes are gas escaping from the chamber through the barrel, so they’re also very random. the next flash in a sequence can always be bigger of smaller than the last one.

consider timing, ALWAYS CONSIDER TIMING. a flash fades fast, if it’s a bright ball of fire it’s that for a very brief second before dissipating and fading

in this old pic the lower barrel has just fired, and the upper one is firing the moment the shot is taken. you can see the difference in the composition of the two flash effects, the upper one is a bright fireball while the lower one is already breaking apart.

the timing thing also applies to impact effects, let me draw some variations of dirt/mud being blown up from a bullet impact

stuff gets kicked up in the air and quickly dissipates, big chunks separating into small bits, small bits fading into a cloud of stuff, the most solid pieces flying around and hitting the environment

also if you’re drawing the impact effects yourself, you need to shade them so they fit in. and you need to shade the debris flying around too, and draw the flying pieces with different shades to give it proper depth. if there’s wind, the particle matter should be affected by it.

consider physics, consider lighting, consider time - CONSIDER EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.

but none of this matters for you yet, because first you need to get your in-game side of things together. your posing is alright, your lighting is not. you need shadows and shadowed areas - start experimenting with lamps already.