Chocobo (Chocobo's Dungeon)


  • Eye posing
  • Face posing
  • Finger posing


Things to note:

Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model to me.

Also on Toybox.


:smug: Awesome job

Very cute ~


Downloaded :smiley:

Mmm Mm goes great with barbecue sauce.

Heh, you didn’t put it in five sizes! Unlike all of your other releases.

who cares? it’s cute. don’t see any use for it, but it’s cute.

Not me. I’m only saying man that he didn’t put it in five sizes unlike all of his other releases. Don’t be harsh on me man I’m only just learning English.

Should try tobasco too.

It’s not a “rawr smash crush” type of monster/creature. :v: There is no need for a giant chocobo.

Or is there?

Very cool, I shall try it out. :smug:

I wish I had a Red one now.

Is there a way you could also make import an adult chocobo model?
Apart from that, - kudos for the awesome job!

it could be made if it only had a few bones. like what roland said.
and about the model… terribly cute.

That’s…kinda creepy looking.

Good port though.

That’s because it wants your gysahl greens.

One big enough to ride around on might be nice.

Oh man for a second there I thought I was the only one that ever played this game

I love you, dog.