Chocolate rain

Actually, it’s not chocolate.

well, at least its not some vietnam soldiers

LoL Wut?

Why make a shitload of threads instead of one?

Because they deserve.
Yes, slaves, rate me “disagree”, you will become so clever and cool.

i for one welcome our new faraon overlord

I like your work.

all glory to hypno_zz

I’m…disturbed…I think…

AAHAH! It’s about time a good Poo joke was made in Garry’s mod.

Thread Music:

You’re just a teenager full of himself who should learn to take criticism and be humble instead of being a pedantic, haughty prick to every person on this forum. I call your behavior intellectual masturbation.
Your “work” would probably be more valuable if you acted like every other person on this forum and started being respectful and respectable, but I guess you prefer being that guy who makes himself look like he doesn’t give a shit, contrary of all us fools you’re superior to.

God damn trolls/hipsters.

Feel teh butsecks lad.

No thanks, I’m heterosexual.