Choice of colour for a Hoodie

Shall I make one and the same model in different colour? This way everyone would be able to choose the colour that suits their clan or taste best. But still Garry wouldn’t add all the skins. So I am posting here a concept for 4 more hoodies in various colours. The question is if I shall add them to workshop. I am also posting them on facepunch forum. I would be really grateful if you write your opinion and leave your comments. Let the people decide.

These hoodies look awesome, definitely add to workshop :slight_smile:

i dont think they fit rust they kinda look far to new to be honest, dont get me wrong they look great. but i dont think that this style fits into rust

you should need to harvest dyes from flowers and process them to make specific colors. Colors should depend on the flowers that are harvested. existing plants could also be used IE yellow from corn and orange from pumpkins.

All camo hoodie collection

They are going to add dirt overlays later on so all clothes look used after a bit.