"Choose your side" - A neutral spy infront of 2 team logos

I wonder if I fucked up with the lighting, because making those lights was a pain in the ass.


Cool beans man. Good job.

He never really was on your side.

His head is weird, where did his neck go?

this should totally be the new side selector in TF2

Instead of those crappy doors?

But it should have him in grey, and when you hover over a team that team’s color slowley turns him blue or red.

If only this was possible…
Oh well, a man can dream…


Also if you want to go spectate you click him, literally (seeing as he is neutral)

Nice edit, but if hes neutral, he shouldn’t have any color.

That’s no edit, It’s all ingame.

I think he could have been posed better, but I certainly dig the idea.