Choose your weapon.

Decisions, decisions…

Should have closed his right hand and added another soft lamp above and to his left.

Challenge: Name every weapon on-screen! : D

I know some weps: pkp pencheng, mp5, rpg7, uzi, m1911, ak47, ak74, m249 saw, g36 and m16 thats all i know.

Yeah I would, if could actually see the other half of them

Eeny meeny miny moe, I chose this one, now lets go!

‘A’ for effort?

PKM, FAL, Uzi, Makarov, M1911, SVD, AK-74 or AKM, RPG-7, M240, G3A3, MP5A3, M16A3 or A4, MK2 Grenade, M203, 40mm Grenades and what looks to be a Mosin Nagant.

Kinda hard to tell what the pistols are, but I think I did pretty well.

You’ve gotten more right than anyone so far, and I’m very impressed you saw the Mosin!

FN FAL, at least two H&K G3s, two HK53s with collapsible stocks, IMI Uzi, Tripod mounted M60, SVD, PKM, at least two AK-74s, at least one AK-47, Makarov PM, Colt M1911, M9 Bayonet, M16(A3?), two RPG-7s, Mosin-Nagant, Panzerschreck, what appears to be a SIG-Sauer P226 or P228, Fallout 3 Sawn-off Shotgun, unmounted M203, what appears to be an RK-95, Mk2 grenades, 40mm grenades, RPG-7 rockets of multiple categories

yeah that’s all I got, posing is alright but could do with fingerposing more

Do I see a Gyrojet pistol?

Yes, you do. Good eye!