Choosing a single player to send VGUI

I set up a usermessage so i can tell the server to send a menu to the player who did the command… But I forgot how to make a specific player receive the menu, no one else… How can I do that?

Hopefully that made sense, I can’t think right now…

umsg.Start( Message Name, Player Receiving )

That will send the usermessage ONLY to that player?

Yes. What else would be the point of a parameter that filters recipients?

I don’t know… I’m new to usermessages…

No need to be rude, he only asked a question.

If you use the player argument, it will only send to the player stated, ad if you leave it empty, it’ll send to everyone
There’s also a third option to use a recipient filter

Normally, at this point I’d direct you towards the wiki, since I haven’t personally used it, but as you know the wiki’s down and it’s a little awkward to find the pages
It should be something along the lines of:
[lua]local f = RecipientFilter()
f:AddPlayer( ply )
f:AddPlayer( ply2 )
SendUserMessage(“UserMessage”, f)[/lua]

If you’re new to usermessages, I think I should tell you that there’s two ways of sending usermessages, [lua]umsg.Start(“Usermessage”, ply)
SendUserMessage(“Usermessage”, ply)[/lua] Not sure if there’s any real benefit, but using the second one makes for neater code, as long as you’re not sending any additional variables