Choosing random player with player.GetAll()?

How would I choose one random player out of the entire list?


local randomply = player.GetAll()[math.random(1,#player.GetAll())]

Even easier:

local randomply = table.Random(player.GetAll())

dude i didnt even know that function existed

Gbps because the player.GetAll() table has a sequential numerical index it would be better to use Entoros code. They both work but Entoros is just better PR for that type of thing.

Example of Entoros code.

local rply = math.random(1, #player.GetAll()) – Yes we can use 1 because lua doesn’t start from 0 like traditional C#
local chosen = player.GetAll()[rply]
for i = 1, #player.GetAll() do
player.GetAll()*:PrintMessage(3, "The chosen one is "…chosen);

Would it just be easier with
[lua]local randomply = table.Random(ply.GetAll())[/lua]