Choosing server host

I’m hoping to get a Garry’s mod server soon but I need to know witch host is cheap, good, and has a server in or around Minnesota. So could someone give me a list of server hosts that fit this description? Thanks.

EDIT: I am thinking Xenon, I play a rp server that is hosted by them, it isn’t the best but it’s cheaper then other hosts and I am tight on money.

I would go with Xenon, I’ve been with him for about a year now with no difficulties at all, and the prices just went down too!

PS: The server you play on might not be a good representation of them, because RP servers tend to be kinda bad usually anyway (due to volume of players/ents/etc.). I run a Build and it’s great!

Hey I run my own small time G.S.P and I offer TCadmin and Quality servers. I would be happy to offer you a competitive priced server and a free week trial so you can test it out.


Or add shepsie on steam.

The best one in my opinion. But it’s expensive a bit e_e

Affordable, reliable, and great customer service!

XenonServers is the way to go. If you want great hosting for a low price i 100% recommend, They have great service/support. They have a datacenter in Dallas which is fantastic.
I been a customer for over a year now and im still loving their servers.