Choosing the right program

Ive just started to learn 3d modelling (I would just say mapping but…)
Anyways Ive gotten used to hammer, I understand hammer, Hammer makes sense to me.
When i startup google sketchup I freakout and cant figure out anything!
When I try blender Nothing ever works. Heres my question Is there a 3D modelling program that is similar enough to hammer that I can model in that AND will it have verisitility to export things TO skechup or hammer or other 3D modeling programs

Ive yet to understand some simple 3D file formats so if someone would like to link me or give me a brief tut on this stuff Id appreciate it.

I would suggest maybe ask for this to be moved to the modeling section?

Although some people do model here, majority of use don’t. You would probably get more luck in Model section

3dsMax and Maya have pretty similar interfaces but what you’ve got to understand is that it’s not a straight hop from Hammer to a 3d program. You have to do tutorials before you get to know the tools, lots of them.

I reccomend geting 3DS Max 2008 or 2010 (Though i had trouble finding things that were in 2008 but not in 2010, and a plus that 2008 layout makes sense to me) Its quite good and easy to use.

If you were to get that then you just need to follow mariokart64n’s modelling tutorial, its mighty helpful.


Im going to try 3DS Max 2010 After having a look I think its something I can get used to!
Thanks for the help guys

Milkshape is exceedingly easy to use, and natively supports Half-Life reference files. It has a 30 day free trial, and upon the expiration of the trial, it is only 30 USD. I would not recommend staying with Milkshape for too long, as it is nowhere near as powerful as 3D Studio Max or Maya, but it’s a great starting program, and for basic to moderate-high applications, it works great.