Chop chop, off with his head and down with the girl

Darkness is the product of my SDoF doing some shit for some reason

Every things in game other then the blood and the editing on the blade

If you are wondering…the head is off screen…

I believe Bloo released some citizen heads tha have full faceposing, would have gone great with this decapitation.

The combine soldier who wanted to be Altair.

the contrast makes for far too many darktones. the lack of any fog or change in contrast makes the picture lose depth and makes it hard to easily distinguish silhouettes

HDR + SDoF kind of breaks the game

Where did his head go?

It flew away

I really like this idea … but shouldn’t the blood be behind the blade??

Well the idea is he came in and cut from the back of the neck

So he’s swinging his arm backwards, while running forward and chopped her head off with that move? Now that’s strong …

Never question a jedi

i’m not sure what point you’re trying to make

Very nice, dude.

no his arm was out straight with the tension required to lock the shoulder in an outwards position, then he used his bodyweight and forward-motion to cut the neck, not elbow/arm movement

I like it, -snip- just re-read

Those are some f***in’ ninja skills in that Combine bwoi. 5/5 just for that.

If you could find them I will add it into the pose

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Or if anybody else could find those heads it would be greatly appreciated

Matches better


much better

it disappeared lol