Chopper spotting a zombie on his way out of a crashed airplane

This was posed and edited by bodenlan2, but I am posting it for him because he is banned :slight_smile:


It’s cool. I like the two light sources

This pic is really nice, this could be mistaken easily with a real picture.

Artistic for you.

reminds me a bit of Dead Rising

Thats so cool
My new background

It’s pretty cool looking, but i doesn’t feel like the picture was taken from above, it kinda looks on the same level as the zombie…

A higher angle would have been more convincing. Otherwise it’s a decent edit I guess.

I’m liking the spotlight effect.

there should be some sort of news ticker at the bottom, but it’s already good.

Quite cool but I agree with Vman.

Possible that it has a zoom on the camera? I like the editing, and the record is a nice touch.

even if its zoomed, doesnt account for the fact that hes on the same level.

btw fucking love your av man. batman: brave and bold rules.

I think the chopper is high enough, it’s just an optical illusion. A little higher couldn’t hurt though.

Probably it’s high and zoomed in a lot, explains the fuzzyness and angle.

Looks awesome, you can tell who edited it right off the bat.

Not really, because the zombie isn’t being viewed from any angle other than front on, so the zombie is either defying gravity by leaning back on his ankles to look at the chopper, or the chopper is at the same level as him.