Choppy Game Play and Desyncing

Each time I play this game the first few minutes are nice and smooth, but after about 10mins everything becomes choppy and I start to desync every 2-3mins. I tried pinging the server I play on and it said I had packet loss. So I tried a different server and low and behold same thing lots of choppyness and desync. So I tried pinging that server and yet again I was struck with packet loss. Is there something that I can do to prevent all of this from happening?

if you are using any kind of programs even drivers that allow you to overclock then that is the issue.
And I assume you are playing the old version, I think that you won’t have problems in the experimental branch(the one that will replace the current)

This is what happens when games are scripted together. Rust would run flawless if it had been written in C and OpenGL.

The server my friends play on is not in the experimental branch. I have found that if I do desync and relog the first 5 minutes are super smooth, but after that it goes back to choppy visuals.

So I tried a different server last night with my friends, and I did not desync once, but I kept getting kicked out of the server with the message disconnected from server kicked for violation. I have no idea why I am being kicked.

I’ve totally fixed it uninstalling EPU 6 engine.

What kind of connection do you have OP? Go Here and tell us what you got. If you don’t live in a big city this could be a major player in why you get network lag.

As for “choppy gameplay” do you mean you rubber band around when you walk, or is it like you’re watching a slideshow? If a slideshow, there isn’t much you can do about that besides finding better hardware. As for network lag, you’re really screwed if you aren’t near a big city. Can’t really help you there.

I doubt its my graphics card seeing as I have a 660Ti GTX and some of my friends have lesser cards and have no problems. The choppyness is like a slide show not rubberbanding. Here is my pingtest result

. I should also say that I have fixed the packet loss issue, but now I am having trouble with desyncing.

I had that happen to me when I started playing. Turns out the issue was that I would connect to my rooter via a wireless USB adapter. The thing would simply overheat after ~10 minutes of playing, which is why I would start having desync issues.

Got rid of the wireless USB, plugged in my rooter via a cable and never had a problem ever again.

Yeah, you’ve definitely got plenty of hardware and the connection to play it. If you aren’t using it, I’d recommend using Nvidia GeForce Experience. You may have a faulty driver or some other software based problem. As for desyncing, try connecting to servers that have a very low Ping. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m really not sure what will.

I am connected directly to my router. I dont know if connecting directly to my modem would make a difference.