Choreographed_scene problem

Hello everyone. I’m having some difficulties with this scene- in Faceposer, I made a scene where two of my characters, Breen and a citizen, are conversing, and everything works fine in it: They both lip-sync, move their hands and heads, make facial expressions; but when I put it in Hammer and load up my game, they both do almost everything, except the citizen doesn’t do any of the animations I gave him. Does anyone know why this could be? I’m horrible at explaining things, so if you guys have any questions that could maybe help you help me, please ask them =P Thanks a lot!

I’m also running Source Engine 2006, if that helps.

(Sorry if this is the wrong section, by the way XP)

Consult these?

These tutorials cover how to create a choreographed scene with Faceposer, and how to make your NPCs do it. I hope I helped. :v:

Thanks, but these unfortunately don’t really help me X) The thing is, I’ve done it before- I’ve been using Source for probably around a year, and this hasn’t happened to me before. Like I said, it all works perfectly in Faceposer, and one of the two characters does everything correctly. I don’t understand XP Thanks a lot, though; I appreciate the help =)

Use these if you are going to be using emotion icons.

Not to be rude, but I don’t care about the chat emoticons =P I use the old fashion ones, and I prefer it that way. It’s less of a hassle than typing forty different symbols to get useless smileys.