Chrash when spawning props

this is starting to get annoying every time i build something ex a base u uasaly dont finnish em on one day they are usualy like 6 stories high and yea pretty large usually (for u guys with building blocks v2) 3 or 4 8x8 plates big bottom
tho the problem is not lagg :smiley: its when i save and the loads again to play another day i cant spawn any props axept building blocks v2 some other might work some time but becuse the game yust bleep bleep Hl2.exe stopped working i haven’t checked every prop tho i checked them in groups ex cs’s hl2 portal all of em crashes anyone now why
and btw is the gmod save file supposed to be 4 bytes? that’s not much

Post your PC specs.

Save files in GMod are broken, use Advanced Duplicator instead.

ok ill see if advdupe can take it without crashing the game

hmm i now i got
4g ram
intel® core™2 quad CPU q9399 @ 2.50 ghz processor
think it was nvidia geforce 9800 gt graphic card
dont remember more XD
its a amilo p series not the laptop tho searched google but theres only laptops there :confused:
vista gonna get windows 7 soon :stuck_out_tongue: