Chris is being all serious, while Sheva is telling him how gay he is.

  • Couldn’t think of a better title!



I’d grab her legs, lay her down, and… you know :smug:

OK pic.

Okay, so uhm…any criticism?


I see…

Work on your face posing

sheva looks like a 2 dollar prostitute

Capcom characters.

Nice pic. :v:

Chris: “I’m being serious cause we’re hunting virus mutated freaks here and you come to work like that? Go back to the office bitch.” Sheva: “But…but…” Chris: “FUCK OFF!” Anyway onto the pic, the green lighting is a tad bit excessive, Chris’s left foot looks odd. Sheva’s pose seems a bit stiff, also the pic has got a bit too much blur for my liking. Other then that it’s ok.

I like the light work.

Need to turn up the .jpeg quality.

I guess I just need a new host, as Tinypic always fucks up the pictures after a few hours…