Chris & Jill valentine from RE5

Pls help i need couple model :rock:

RE5 Jill in BSAA niform is on

Chris how ever is still being made by Bloocobalt along with the other BSAA operators. So patience my friend, patience.

I’ve never worked on Chris at all, he’s already been released with every outfit (as well as Jill).

Just search “resident evil” on, you’ll find them all on there.

Ah…I meant GOOD models like what you make.

There’s nothing wrong with Fedge’s models.

THX you everyone for you help :smiley:

When I saw this request, I suddenly thought "the new yukiho-sama.

Seriously what is wrong with me :v:

Everything :zoid:

You miss Yukiho.

It’s probably the bad grammar in this thread.