Chris Redfield (Classic)

What does this include?
One Chris Redfield[ul]
[li]Finger posing (I fingered him myself)[/li][li]Ball Posing (Of the eye variety)[/li][li]Face posing (Some very basic flexes to do stuff with)[/li][li]Body groups (Weapon holster, taking off his hair (w/o his hair, it looks more like classic Chris from the REmake))[/li][li]Super flexibility (for flexing his abilities)[/li][/ul]


no homo

Important List of Credits for their Help & Content
Me - Making him and proportionate and not muscular as fuck
Capcom - for Resident Evil 5
bloocobalt - Advice, teaching face flexes, telling me how to finger people properly
simkas - Flexible .PHY model



Something looks really wrong with the proportions. I know you edited it to be more realistic, and I fully agree with that sentiment, but a lot of things look off in those pictures.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it’s the torso. It looks too large relative to the arms. Neck too. The head looks wrong as well, but I can’t figure out why.

I haven’t played with it in-game yet, though, so it may just be those pictures.

I think his legs are too tall for his torso. I even edited them to be shorter but they still look tall.

great model!! u should add a balaclava mask and or helmit on him and he will look even more sexy!!


Make the torso longer.

omg r0fl totaly!!


Beats giant bicep steroid monkey RE5 Chris.

Demn thats cool )))
Byt i waiting Alex (SHH) :slight_smile:

I advise you to run.

Great model, thanks allot.

Once again, great port and screenshots.
(but seriously man what is is with you and tonuges)

I was expecting crap when I read Classic, but it looks awesome

his ears are fucking BIG!

This model is very good. but you could make same good model Chris re5 Stars version? please


Thanks a lot for the model.
Can you also make a player model or NPC?

second that too.

I got the PM from Dean regarding making this a player and/or an NPC, I made an NPC of him but the player model of him bugged out on death. So I just made him an NPC, the player model had working animations but the ragdoll on death was bugged

make good S.T.A.R.S Chris model from Resident evil 5