Chrisaster is awesome@@@@@@@@

Hey im having an issue, my server got hacked somehow no idea how its like the COUGH exsploit.

What happens it Console: Chrisaster IS AWESOME@@@@@@@@@@
Console: Chrisaster IS AWESOME@@@@@@@@@@
Console: Chrisaster IS AWESOME@@@@@@@@@@

Thats litrally what it says when a player is banned or joins.

It says this as soon as the server starts up

Search all of your files on your server for that text.

How do i search all files its on my GMOD server not my gmod computer files

I suggest Notepad++:

Sorry im not sure u quite understand sorry, Erm im using a server hosting company so everything is hosted via a Game Panel

Disabling rcon_password, disabling sv_allowdownload/sv_allowupload and restarting it might be a good start, what you by the way should already know if you want to be a good server hoster.

Download all the files onto your PC and search.

It could be srcd based u never know downloading all that for nothing not good

If you do not want to use the help we provide why ask for it?

Because i know what its based around i just dont know how to fix, Robot its not as simple as your making it. Im sure you remember the COUGH COUGH exploit well this is a new one of them but clients dont pass it on and client does not get infected

Yeah, tell me all about it. I am trying to eliminate all causes of the problem. The most likely cause of the problem is one of your addons having a backdoor.

Also, this:

Currently checked DERMA and Autorun folders nothing found.

I’ll be nice, check your configs out from your cfg/ folder.

why don’t you just search for chrisaster

i heard notepad++ can do this

I am litrally checking files and well CHRISASTER is a known hacker, who sells his scripts i think hes on here. Um im just checking LUA folder then move on to the CFG

Search for that text only in lua and gamemodes folder, that’s the only place it may be coming from ( unless it’s a hacker who is constantly manually typing it, which is very unlikely. )

Nope it litrally says it 3 times as soon as the server starts

it literally says it? damn, computers have gotten advanced.

you’re really not helping; the issue is in the cfg folder.