chrisrookie stream sniping

i have video evidence of chrisrookie stream sniping, already banned him from my channel but wanted to know if they ban accounts for that offence. thanks, also ill post the video if its confirmed that they will ban him.

No they cant ban him for that reason.

It’s your own fault for streaming, if you don’t want to get kill while you stream put a delay or don’t stream.

Also thx for letting me know, I’ll check once in a while on twitch if you don’t have anything good on you. If so, I’ll definitely pay you a visit :slight_smile:

If you are going to stream that is your own fault. Best thing that you can do is set a delay so that becomes less of an issue. You are taking those risks as a streamer, it will happen and sadly there is not much you can do to stop it.

I can’t believe you’re actually asking this. Just wow.

Tip: Put a delay on your stream.

you guys dont have to be fucks just asking…he deserves it so ya know

Why would he deserve it, ghosting on stream exists for years and there’s no way you can even prove he was ghosting.

You do know he can still watch your stream without a twitch account?

Also you’re streaming your game play, its just one of the things that happens when playing.

Just gonna quote myself on this one

As mentioned earlier, people can still ‘stream snipe’ you without a twitch account. Even if you gave him an IP ban, he can still just reset his modem and get a new IP.

Nah b"y,
you deserved it for putting up the stream with no delay or anything and thinking no one would hunt ya down. That’s like thinking your friend won’t screen peak ya just because you told him.

just close this. this community is unreal with so many people waiting around to shit talk. btw im a season streamer you guys arnt telling me anything i dont already know so yeah, thanks for the useless bs

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and theres no way i can prove it? i have it on video file with him talking in game to me when i respond on stream. plz just close this i wanted to know one simple thing im not bitchin about it

When you broadcast yourself playing, doesn’t this come with the territory?

Reset router and get a new IP? which world do you come from? :open_mouth:

A world where ISPs assign dynamic IPs, and resetting your modem usually forces the ISP to assign you with a new public IP. This’s been doable since cable/DSL modems were available to consumers.

Use common sense. You can’t ban people for watching your stream and playing the same game as you are.

If you don’t want to be stream-sniped, either don’t stream, or set a delay

It would be absolutely ridiculous to ban someone for that. If you’re streaming you’re giving your position away, don’t be surprised if someone takes advantage of it…