Chris's Sweps

Hi there, Facepunch. For the last few months, I’ve been creating a swep pack which is far different from the “modern rifle/pistol/knife/powerpoint” packs; It’s more of a “fun” pack, none of that “tactic00l MW2 1337” stuff.

In this pack there are 35 sweps, however, like in tf2, some of them are variants on other sweps but with slight differences. A good portion of the sweps do have custom worldmodels and I’ve made sure the holdtypes are correct. Some weapons however DON’T have w_models because they haven’t been ported to gmod and I have no knowledge on how to do it. Now, the lab boys have just informed me on which base they’re on. Some of you might not like it, but it’s on the Mad Base. The total memory space it will take up will be 75.66 MB, too. In my opinion, it’s all worth it.

Now you may be wondering two things. “Chris, what the HELL is that thing on the banner/cover of the page?” and “Okay, who made those models.” Well, I can answer those for you. The red robot that’s aiming his armcannon is none other than Adminbot, a character I created myself (Updated to look better, though)while messing around with Nightreaper’s I Move dupe. This character is a personification of all the die-hard admins who would be willing to take a bullet for their server; Who protects it from complete assholes. About the credits. I packed them inside the .zip itself: In the commentary and in a .txt, if said commentary doesn’t show up. In it is also installation information and basic stuff about the pack. And finally, a visual swep list:

You may notice the Chinese Assault Rifle and Zapper are on there. That’s because I put em’ on the toybox before I released the pack initially.

[Old pictures of the last pack. I removed the Boltgun for memory-hogging reasons. I may re-release it separately though.][/media]

If you’re interested and want to give this pack a try, please follow the arrow and download!

Still not convinced? How about a video?

Youtube demo video: [media]

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading. If you like this pack, please tell your friends, you server-cohorts; Make the server owner add it so you can show everyone who is the boss.*

*cSwep may be glitchy on /some/ multi servers. Symptoms for some sweps may contain buggy reloading, lasers not showing in first person, lua errors and in some cases particle lagouts. Please consult your cpu before going online.

Download link maybeh?

Well, I was hoping it would be over the youtube link but it fucked up.
Sorry guys, slight mishap.

Also, to you thread readers: If you like it, leave a comment or question here, I’ll make sure to answer em’.

awesome! downloading!

Even though they don’t have world models, it looks like you put a ton of work into it.

Quite different from all the other addons i’ve seen.

Hm? I made sure they had world models. The only ones that don’t have a w_model are the Turcotte, Captain (the materials were wonky for some reason), and the smg2. Unless something screwed up.

Well, that’s sorta what I meant, aren’t they crotch guns?

I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

Looks good, got my download!

Looks sexy. Downloading

The clock gun is an error model for me and the confetti gun does not shoot confette, it just gives me particle errors.

Also, what’s with the ironsights with some of the guns? it’s almost gangster style, which looks bad.

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Gah, nothing broke my automerge

The clock launcher uses a p90 model.

The confetti gun uses tf2 particle effects.

The ironsights were my shitty attempt to do something different. I’ll redo them next update.

Nah, the clock launcher shoots errors.

Also the soc-em pop em or whatever you call it has missing glove textures.
This is a really good swep pack, by the way. I love the laser Sweps

I don’t know what I could do at that point; I’ve had other people download it and they haven’t said anything about errors or missing textures.
Also, thanks.

good job man, looks like you put effort in. downloading.

e: lots of effort.

The issues Roflburger had were TF2 related, either he doesn’t have it, or his copy isn’t up to date. I had the same problems until I updated TF2. Great SWEP pack.

Thanks for the comments, guys.
I’m kind of having a Swepper’s block at the moment, so maybe someone could shoot a suggestion off?

A revolver that shoots all six shots at once?

not that bad