Christmas Assault Course

I have’nt built anything for quite some time, so decided to build something to try out my new graphics card :smiley:

Decided to build a course filled with NPC’s, built around gm_construct. I needed to add a goal to reach so decided to make it the switch that turns on the lights on the Christmas tree.

Note: When you fight through the garage, the swing door might be stuck so needs shifting over, the button at the end of the next room swings the door over to let you out the other way


Here’s a tour through the course -

The Start, you go through the small gap between the walls

Two rows of security guards to kill

Next area is more guards spread out

Next area is a small scrap heap with more guards scatterded around

The garage is filled with combine elites armed with AR2s

At the end of the garage, through the corridors and into the dark room, in here are several troops and turrets guarding the button that switchs the door over

Back route back diverts you outside into the antlion pit, there is a mass stash of weapons to take out the two antlions guards.

At the far end of the antlion pit, jump up onto the ledge and run back down the garage to flick the switch for the christmas tree

And TADA!!

Merry Christmas Facepunch!

-snip, didn’t read who was posting the thread-

Facebook? Get out please.

i know what the standards of “good” are, iv been on these forums nearly 4 years and have posted stuff on here much better than this. This was just a little play around I did to try my new graphics card out and figured I’d post it while it’s christmas and ain’t made anything for months.

And its hard to get creative (or spell right) when your hungover to fuck :smiley:

Hmm, I could do this. Let me draw out my plan.

  • Put a container down.
  • Stacker container a ton.
  • Spawn a box
  • Dupe some boxes randomly around
  • Put some vehicles in.
  • Concrete barriers of course.
  • Materialize a few containers
  • Spam NPCs
  • Profit?

I came here expecting pit-falls, large sawblades, crusher-traps, giant boulders rolling down narrow hallways, and the like. When I saw nothing more than hordes of NPCs, I was sorely dissapointed.

Come on, it’s just a joke that just leads to “Merry christmas” :v:

Facepunch needs to learn to take criticism, but even more important, facepunch needs to learn when and when not to criticise stuff :confused:

Merry Christmas

LOLOL you an 09ner so you have no idea who angus is. You cannot criticize him. Do not try. Your best contraption is utter shit to his worst.

Merry Christmas

oh god hes turning into karbine!!!

Hold on, let me find some of your old threads. Some of these newer members need to understand who they are dealing with.


Are a two, I can’t find some of his other stuff. Search is being weird…

Hence, why you shouldn’t have posted a glorified “Kill Breen” course.

No. You will never do something as cool as angus stuff.

Oh. Merry Christmas, then. :smith:

I honestly hate when people put “profit?” at the end of things.

On topic, you should have made a cool building or something and stationed NPCs in them, and made it like a level to get through.

A bit late but Merry Christmas.

Well at least there is a half dozen or so people still around from when I was a regular here :smiley:

As for next time I decide to piss around and build a christmas tree because it’s christmas, I won’t bother adding a little challenge to get to the light switch