Christmas Contest!

Yeah, just something to thrill the people… I’ve made some money and I decided to spend it on the community… I won’t copy the whole post, I’ll write it shortly.

A Christmas themed contest, in which you can create a map, model or skin and win one of the following:

* First place: Gets any game he likes from Steam that worths $19.99.
* Second place: Gets any game he likes from Steam that worths $9.99.
* Third place: Gets 1000 points* at the forums.
* Fourth place: Gets 700 points* at the forums.
* Fifth place: Gets 500 points* ate the forums.

*Future contests will be about who has the most points and awards will be granted to people with the higest amount of points, so these points are not Nothing. (The points are in

You will be judged by Detail and Creativity.
For more info, dates, and other useful stuff, get over here

Can ya make it so you allow poses too?

There is a different thread for christmas poses in the Screenshots & Movies section.

Also, might join in.

That’s cool,
Everyone’s invited… Pretty nice prizes.

oh and
The final date to post your submissions is December 26.
The winners will be announced on January 1.

Are there many competants yet?

Well, I’ve just posted it yesterday, you’re the first.

Woohoo. That means I actually have a chance :dance:

Heh, I need at least 6 contestants to give the prizes away.

If you wont get anyone till the 10th of December, Ill invite some friends.

Alright, cool.