Christmas in Rust

Eu server

Feel sorry for everyone lagging thier ass off there

This is amazing what server?

EU, at hangars.

next to my place :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. What kind of framerate are you getting there?

On highest quality? Like half a frame per second. 2-3 frames a second on lowest settings with i3 & GTX 280.

On highest settings we were all pulling like half a frame.

On lowest I’d get around 10, most of our cpus were melting I’m pretty sure

Helk please fix please, I dont have rust but I see duping is making shit go shit pls help

That made no sense. They’re well aware of the 2 dupe methods and Helk even stated on another thread that they’re trying to roll out a fix tomorrow ( Monday ) This what we have done here is just stress testing the server :slight_smile:

I didnt see it on the other thread, Sounds great spam your props and crash the server, hmmmmmmmmmk:suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide:

You’re crashing the server with all those emoticions. Eventually there will be lots of players and lots of shit on the server ( Unless they’re planning to make more servers, soon. ) so why not test how much it can handle?