Christmas on construct

I tried to make it look like a menu background

Too blurry. There’s no focus.

It’s too grey and dreary for a festive background in my opinion.

I tried to make it focus on the G and the Garry’s Mod sign, and it wasn’t really supposed to be festive

Looks like you put a random bunch of props on snowstruct and put a tree there and some lights and called it ‘Christmas’ I don’t like it.


I rated you agree



Ok, here’s another image of it where you can actually see what’s what.

It’s not too bad, I think it’s over crowed with props though.

I like yours a lot. But it’s true it’s a lil’ overcrowded. I had the same idea for my entry for the Christmas contest! I like the feeling of making it look like a GMod background.

Gordon that hurts my eyes.

“We trusted you!”

Anyways, it’s the effect of sun shining off the snow. Which can actually cause you to go blind…

So maybe it was my evil intention.

Haha I hated looking at snow when the sun reflected off it.

Yeah, my friend lost some of his vision in his right eye last year from it.

Sad thing was, I laughed at him and for his birthday I got him a fake monocle…

Lol funny.

I like it, very pretty/cool scene build.
Rated panel.

Ok really. There is something wrong with that sentence.
The title is “Christmas on Construct” and it “wasn’t really supposed to be festive”? Come on man!

That’s awesome, rated heart. Did you edit in the snow falling to the ground?

Nice colors, but DOF is all wrong on this one. Talking about the first pic.