Christmas Special 2012 ! a movie

This is my very first Gmod movie and I’m new to this so be gentle and try to enjoy it. I had fun making it and I want people to at least get a chuckle out of it. :wink:

1:cl_drawhud 0
2: Change their poses next time. Make the ragdolls move a little rather than standing still doing the same pose.
3:Do not use thrusters for fire in the chimney.
4:Improve your posing
5:Flailing ragdolls aren’t funny anymore. Try to avoid doing that.

  1. yep thanks!
  2. it’s just a music video
  3. that’s always funny
  4. lighten up dude :slight_smile:

He gave you constructed feedbback on this pile of shit and you mock him?

I actually thought it was well done, but compared to any of my poses you’re a godsend :slight_smile:

@FamousCra Thanks

@Zeb Brown
I was not mocking him and I thanked him… I was just saying my view on comedy is just simpler and this is my first project, you don’t have to be an insulting douche with that “pile of shit” bit.

ps some things just get lost in translation

Something you’ll find is that facepunch hates flailing ragdolls. Some people from outside of facepunch may enjoy it, but we probably won’t. If you post something with flailing ragdolls in it, be prepared to receive criticism.

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That said, this is not the worst thing I’ve seen. I still think that title belongs to everything by thesniipertf2 (someone you should absolutely avoid being like).

I’ll be honest with you.

Some scenes in the video have been done too many times and it’s not very funny anymore, and for the screenshots it’s lazily done dude. It looks like the characters are having a hard time trying to fart.

Keep trying though!

Not gonna lie, this got boring about 3 seconds into the headcrab-flailing.

you wont go very far here