Christmas Stocking

I’ve been working on this for a while (since around the start of November?) i’ve been working hard to get the textures working, but i wasn’t able to upload it to until Christmas day when i got it all fixed up and working, but better late than never, right?

I’ve yet to see any Christmas stockings on and i haven’t bothered to go looking around Facepunch for one, so am i really the first person to make a Christmas stocking despite Garry’s Mod being around for many Christmases? That’s pretty neat

Anyway, i apologize for not posting this topic after i’ve uploaded it on, i’ve been forgetting to do so, so here it is, and enjoy! :smiley:



Change log:
Removed some unneeded triangles from inside the bottom part of the stocking
Slight texture fixing with the inside of the white cotton part
Fixed collision mesh to fit the model better

Looks nice, good job on it!

Just thought i’d bump this to say i’ve updated it, you can find the change log in the main post

Nice job, Didn’t notice this. :frowning: The model looks nice.

Also missed this, looks nice, good job.