Chrome/firefox extension - [FIXED]

Hello Everybody!
This is a script/add-on that will fix & add several things on
Featuring previews, no-image placeholder, and overall better css.

Feel free to modify and mess with the source as it pleases you!
1. Install greasemonkey
2. Download


1. Follow this tutorial
2. Download

1. Follow this tutorial
2. Download

My unfinished homepage! Check it out if you care!

uhhh… what

Holy shit I’m in the picture. rock star smile

On another note, this thing is actually kind of useful. I like it when I hover above a certain addon which opens a ribbon on top of the page which loads all of the screenshots present with that certain upload.

Cool. Any idea how to fix it for Opera?

Out of curiosity, what does this actually do different? Apart from the rounding corners.

It moves the title so it wont overlay the thumbnail, and it adds 3 thumbnails on the top on hover.

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I’m looking into it now c:


Try this:

Seems cool, I will install it when I get home since I’m facepunch mobile, at the dentist.

Looks nice

This is cool beans! Thanks, man!

Any issues?