Chrome vs. FireFox -Rust

what is the difference between chrome and firefox? does it make the game run better. . . etc?

They are just browsers and they both have nothing to do with unity plugin that makes the game run in the first place.

No. The only thing that affects your gameplay is your computer and internet speed.

From problems I’ve seen Chrome seems to crash more often, but the browser you choose shouldn’t matter.

no i know it doesn’t effect ur game just like ive heard better connection less crash its a tad smoother

Been only playing with firefox, I have a 100/10 connection
Even though I have medium spec , never had any problem with crashes so far ingame.

I use FF to play. From my experience, it’s way smoother.

o ok thxs
i guess ill use ff then

In my opinion Google Chrome is faster and will run it better.

That’s not an opinion statement :v:

Not really though, even though i wish this was true others still sthink firefox has a chance!

Any evidence? Or a baseless assumption?


He doesn’t have evidence either ^^

In my opinion, What don’t you understand?

It’s mainly the technicality of what an opinion is that’s annoying people.

Speed between two browsers isn’t something that depends on one’s judgement. It should be based on factual data. Saying “x browser is best” IS an example of an opinion however, as what makes it best isn’t based on facts, but what appeals to you as an individual.

OP clearly wanted facts, not to start an argument to decide which browser is best.

Opera is the faster.
Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Win Explorer.

I’m doing more than saying “Google Chrome is best browser so it will obviously run it better.”
TBH I hate Firefox, but I use it specifically for Rust for the very reason that on my PC it runs better.